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Outdoor Cooking Areas and Kitchens Colorado

Do You Want An Outdoor Kitchen, Patio, or Cooking Area?
We specialize in building beautiful outdoor patios and kitchens!

Outdoor kitchens, cooking areas, or patios are becoming very popular with homeowners because they bring enjoyment (and when beautifully constructed) a bit of class to an otherwise boring landscape.  Outdoor kitchens can incorporate concrete patios, outdoor fire pits and BBQ areas, rock walls and even "seat walls" that not only add separation to your property but function as a durable seating option as well.

Quality Contracting is a full service landscape construction contractor based out of Aurora CO.  We specialize in the design and construction of outdoor cooking areas, outdoor kitchens, and fire pits.  From beautiful decorative concrete to age-old look of natural stone our team of concrete and masonry specialists will be able to build an awesome outdoor cooking area on your property.

Outdoor Kitchens and Cooking Areas Aurora Colorado

  • Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Fire Circles and Fire Pits
  • Rock or Concrete "Seat Walls"
  • Covered Outdoor Cooking Areas
  • Decorative Concrete Patios

More Considerations For Outdoor Cooking Areas

There are many things to consider when building an outdoor cooking area and one of the most important is access to utilities.  Depending on how elaborate your outdoor kitchen vision is you will most likely require the services of a licensed plumber (water and gas) and also an electrician to make sure you have sufficient electricity to safely run your appliances.

Depending on your property and where you'd like to build your outdoor kitchen or cooking area there may be grading required so you don't run into drainage problems down the road.  This becomes especially important if the new cooking area will join up to existing landscaping features such as a pool deck, walkway or an existing patio.

If you plan to have a covered cooking area then we'll need to plan ahead for the footings in the foundation to accept whatever type of structure you'd like to have built such as a gazebo or a pergola made from post and beam for example.

Why Choose Quality Contracting For Your Outdoor Cooking Area?

There are many contractors who are willing to build these types of structures and we are often called out to fix their work!  We specialize in working with concrete, block and stone, we don't cut the common corners that many contractors do when it comes to this type of work.  We know and understand foundations and how to make them nice and level!  We also specialize in decorative concrete projects as well so you have many different options available when it comes to the look and appearance of your new outdoor cooking area.

If you'd like to shedule an estimate to have us build the outdoor kitchen or outdoor living space you've envisioned then just give us a call or fill out our contact form and we'll get right back to you.

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