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Stamped Concrete or Stamped Concrete Overlay – What Is The Difference?

Stamped Concrete Aurora CO

If you’ve ever dined on a nice restaurant patio, or walked through the courtyard of a nice hotel or resort you’ve probably already stepped on and enjoyed stamped, stained or decorative concrete, whether it was poured and stamped or the design and texture was added later as an overlay, we’ll discuss the difference between the two techniques in this article.

Many homeowners (and contractors who don’t specialize in concrete) interchange the names “decorative concrete” and “stamped concrete” and “stamped concrete overlay” as if they are one and the same.  They are not!  These names actually describe different concrete finishing techniques, all of which are in demand, especially in high-end construction projects where appearance and curb-appeal reign supreme.

So what exactly is the difference between concrete stamping and stamped concrete overlays?

The Concrete Stamping Process

Concrete stamping is the process of pouring brand new concrete and then using special concrete “stamps” (very specific molds for concrete) to create designs and impressions that add texture prior to the concrete drying.  Some of the more popular stamp designs resemble brick, flagstone, cobblestone, rock and other luxury or decorative materials. These designs are actually permanently pressed into the new concrete and color can be added afterwards using dry shakes or color hardeners and even acid stains are used as well to give a unique color and texture.

Stamped concrete is an excellent choice for driveways, walkways, pathways, patios and outdoor living/cooking areas.

The Stamped Concrete Overlay Process

If you have an existing slab that is in excellent condition then stamped concrete overlays are something to consider if this is the look you’re after.  After the existing slab has been properly prepared, new concrete (usually with special compounds and polymers) is spread across the existing slab and then the designs are stamped.  This can be very cost effective only if the existing concrete is in really good to excellent condition.  One of the benefits to the overlay process and technology is that there are many more color and texture options available which can make color matching a breeze.

Some Popular Stamped Concrete (and Overlay) Designs

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